Cayin CS-6LA Preamplifier

Cayin’s original SC-6LS was recognized as one of the best preamplifiers available on the market. The new CS-6LA version refines this masterpiece with a new design and high quality components. Cayin selects high-quality American Multicap coupling capacitors and Japanese TAKMAN carbon film resistors to best match the tonal aspects of the SC-6LS. Tube rectification is performed by two US RCA 22DE4 rectifier tubes. Using  with the four 12AU7EH gives sound imaging that is clear and crisp.  A generously sized power transformer and chokes stand for optimal dynamics and stability of the sound. In addition, the preamplifier includes a remote for easy control. As always, Cayin finishes with a high-quality aluminum front plate characterized by high oxidation resistance and low surface photosensitivity.

As another aspect of the new design, the SC-6LS pairs magnificently with Cayin’s powerful CS-845M Monoblock Amplifiers.

Technical Specifications

Output voltage2V (22V Max)
Frequency response5Hz – 100kHz (-1dB)
Harmonic distortion0.4% (1kHz)
Input sensitivity350mV
Input impedance100 kohms
Output impedance3 kohms
Signal to noise ratio95dB
Gain15dB (1kHz)
Vacuum tube12AU7(EH) × 4, 22ED4 × 2
Input terminals1, 2, 3, 4
Output Terminals4ohms, 8ohms
Dimensions (WxDxH)286mm × 328mm × 193mm
Net weight12.5kg
Power supplyAC 120V(+-10%) 60Hz/50Hz