Cayin H-80A Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Another gorgeous, hand-crafted tube piece from Cayin, the H-80A provides the perfect balance between tube and solid state electronics in an integrated amplifier. Its hybrid circuitry utilizes the best of both stereo worlds, in an aesthetically-pleasing brushed aluminum industrial casings, with the matching blue-lit power meters on the front to provide accurate usage tracking.

“H80A fulfilled its promise of delivering the best of tubes and the best of solid-state. The sound was sweet, smooth and exquisitely extended in the treble, with nary a trace of hardness or harshness.”

Sam Tellig’s Review

Frequency range:10 Hz – 40 kHz (+/- 1.5 dB)
Total harmonic distortion (THD):0.2% (1 kHz)
Unweighted signal-to-noise ratio:91 dB
Input impedance:100 kOhm
Output impedance:4, 8, 16 Ohm
Input sensitivity:380 mV
Output power (RMS):80W+80W 8, Class A
150W+150W 4, Class A/B
Input power:120 VAC
Dimensions:431 x 203 x 483 mm 
17 x 8 x 19 in
Weight:36 kg
80 lb