Phono Cartridge Repair & Retipping Service

VAS has been making and repairing phono cartridges for over 10 years and has experience in almost every type of problem that can occur with a cartridge. From stylus retipping to complete rebuilding of the cartridge, VAS will surgically repair your item in a quick and efficient time frame. Whether it’s a moving coil, a moving magnet, or a moving iron cartridge, VAS will be able to restore your phono cartridge to mint condition. We specialize in repairing Sumiko, Benz Micro, Lyra, Koetsu, and Dynavector cartridges but can fix cartridges from many other brands. 

Additionally, we can perform custom modifications including switching styli, upgrading to mono use, cartridge cleaning, and coil demagnetizing. Cartridge inspection is FREE. All we ask is $15 to cover for any shipping charges if you do not want a repair. We will carefully inspect each cartridge that comes in and recommend the best option to you. Once the inspection is complete, he will call or email you about the details of repair and cost. 

If you are interested in repairing or upgrading your cartridge, please call at 732-888-3288 or email at vasaudio@comcast.net 

Some examples of our work can be seen in the slideshow at the bottom.

Reviews & Feedback

“Okay, I am gobsmacked, Steve Leung of VAS NOVA fame just fixed my damaged Atlas and it works as well as new, maybe better. If you need your cartridge fixed I cannot recommend him more highly. My cantilever was frozen in place due to debris lodging in the body and wedging against the coils from a damaged body, he took it apart, cleaned it out, repaired the body, made it look like new and it plays perfectly. What more can I say, he saved me a multi thousand dollar trip back to Japan.” – Harry Weisfeld



Clearaudio Signature Gold Coil Repair. Was able to reconnect the coils on this cartridge. Very difficult to do but can be done. 9/1/2020

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