VAS Ebony 103

The VAS Ebony 103 is a new edition to the VAS line of cartridges. Building upon the original and highly successful Denon DL-103, Steve of VAS enhances its low output performance by using an Ebony wood body to warm up and amplify the sound for rich music. In addition,  a refined nude hyper elliptical stylus is installed for detailed pickup. Increasing the mass to 12.5 grams further stabilizes the cartridge for steady playback of your LP, similar to the Ortofon SPU’s and EMT cartridges. This cartridge is ideal for jazz and soft rock. 

*Option for Mono is Available. This follows a true Mono design, with a rebalanced coil fit for Mono tracking.

  • Frequency response (Hz): 20-45,000
  • Output@1khz, 50mm/sec: 0.32 mV
  • Output impedance: 40 Ohms
  • Load impedance: 40 Ohm – 1.0 K Ohms
  • Channel seperation at 1kHz: over 25db
  • Channel sensitivity: 1dB or less
  • Stylus: Hyperelliptical
  • For Mono: Heavy Elliptical (best for mono tracking)
  • Compliance: 5×10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
  • Tracking force- 1.85g ~ 2.65g
  • Cantilever: reinforced aluminum alloy
  • Mass: 12.5g